Building diagnostics

A very important application for thermal imaging cameras is the detection of building weaknesses such as damage to the insulation or leaks.
With a thermal imaging camera, you can not only inspect windows, doors, heating, ventilation and walls, but also detect weak points in substations, solar panels or tunnels.


In industry, there are numerous applications for thermal imaging cameras. They are suitable for testing distribution cabinets, capacitors or transformers as well as for the inspection of motors, bearings and brakes. Thermal imaging cameras are also used for the maintenance of high-temperature, high-pressure or metal die-casting systems.

R & D

Thermal imaging cameras can be used in biomedicine as well as in material studies. From the development of electronics, such as chips, to testing the durability of tires, thermal imaging cameras can provide valuable insights. With additional macro lenses, even the smallest test objects can be analyzed in detail.